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Our expertise spans the following service descriptions, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, JUST ASK!!!  Send details of your needs and if we can't provide it, we'll help you find it.

Service details

We offer a wide selection of services and will tailor them to your needs

Service pricing 

We price our services at market industry standards. We negotiate firm pricing up front so there is no surprise upon receipt of your invoice.Travel expenses generally follow the Federal Government FAR for the traveled location.

   Consulting Services

  • System Growth Planning
  • Technology Planning Assessment
  • Re-configure, upgrade, migrate or decommission OpenVMS related hardware
  • Provides training materials and technical support documentation
  • Remote manage several Itanium, Alpha & VAX clustered and single-node OVMS systems and related equipment at varying OS levels/versions;
  • System environment maintenance of both clustered and standalone node systems
  • On-call rotation with existing staff of system administrators/managers
    Network Planning, Design, Implementation, and Support
  • Investigate, test, and install released layered products, upgrades and other OpenVMS compatible products
  • Capacity Planning
  • On-Going Systems Management and Support
  • OpenVMS Web Technology Implementation
  • Software Evaluation and Selection
  • Custom Software Development
  • Migrations and Conversions
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Project Management

Caché Specialities


  • Experience latest Intersystems IRIS and Caché versions
  • IRIS & Caché system support, management and upgrades on VMS clustered & single-node configurations
  • Volume free space monitoring and reclamation
  • Volume expansion
  • Database integrity checks
  • Error trap monitoring and analysis
  • Establish test environments
  • Automation of report generation
  • Application Interface monitoring

Technical Systems Services


  • Technical Systems Analysis
  • DCL script programming, Command Procedure creation and maintenance
  • Compaq/DEC/HP hardware systems support (Itanium, Alpha & VAX)
  • System configuration performance tuning, monitoring and optimization
  • Assistance with system crash recovery
  • Disk free space monitoring and reclamation
  • Assistance with DECNet, LAT, TCP/IP, UCX, Multinet networking configuration/monitoring
  • Assistance with Data center move planning
  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Provide Technical Documentation, Operations policy and procedure development/implementation
  • Knowledge of HSx Family of controllers (HSC, HSJ, HSD, HSZ, and HSG) as well as MSA & EVA storage
  • Knowledge of DSSI, CI, and SAN Architectures 

Systems Management


  • Total Systems Management/Administration
  • Itanium, Alpha & VAX VMS System Administration & Support
  • VMS systems support
  • Cluster & single-node OVMS system upgrades
  • Analyze system backups/restores to validate capability/feasibility of recovery
  • Cluster environment configuration and monitoring
  • System security configuration analysis and maintenance
  • Accounting file management
  • Hardware/software capacity planning
  • Printer/batch queue set-up, automation and monitoring
  • Disk shadow/mirror/RAID/SAN configuration and monitoring
  • EVA SAN SNAPClone scripting, destruction and rebuild of LUNS