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About Us
KET Enterprises, LLC has over 20 years experience in the computing industry, and has performed work for a number of campus' and organizations throughout the continental United States (CONUS). Our experience includes hardware installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, application installation, data network support, and data center operations management.

KET Enterprises, LLC provides consultative services to colleges and universities, charitable, Healthcare, governmental, and small organizations. We specialize in providing support and services for clients with HP/Compaq/Digital Hardware, HP OpenVMS and InterSystems Cache. We offer a wide variety of professional skills and expertise to help plan, design, implement and manage OpenVMS and Cache information technology solutions. Short-term remote engagements as well as on-site assistance are available to supplement your staff for any period of time.
Company history
KET Enterprises, LLC has been the OpenVMS and Cache subject matter expert and provided OpenVMS and Cache technical leadership and training for organizations since 1983. Services are made available and flexible to meet the needs of each client. 
Customer testimonials
"Thanks for all you do for us!" Director of Information Systems & Telecommunications - Wisconsin.
"You were a relief to our data system security concerns, Thank you!" Dept of VA Chief IRMS - Ohio
"I couldn't ask for more. You do a great job. I really appreciate all of your help" Director of Application Support - Michigan
"The talent/skills exhibited during our contract has been exceptional with the quality of work and the dissemination of information" Director of IT - Iowa
"Your team has been a wake-up call to our entire IT infrastructure. Your team has brought light to all of our 'black-holes' and documented everything. Great Job!!" Sr Director - Sacramento
"KET has filled more gaps than we ever knew existed with ease. It's a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable team." Technical Manager- Sacramento